Photoshoot Friday: Bridal

Wang Luodan in her bridal getup for Cosmo Bride could have her cake…and stand on it; doesn’t she look perfect as a figurine, with those colorful balloons? No groom to accompany her in this shoot, but her sister cameos in a white dress. Meanwhile, Wallace Chung and JIa Qing promote their new drama together in wedding style. Qin Lan dons white and silver jewelry, but she’s definitely the only lady here who’s shooting with a jungle as a background. Eva Huang Shenyi is the last bride in this round-up, glamorous white sparkly silver heels (has she met anyone from the stars recently…?) Continue reading

Wang Leehom, Feng Shaofeng run into a lot of red

I feel like Wang Leehom would have worn less red at his Chinese-styled wedding than he did in this photoshoot for L’Officiel Hommes…but he has something to celebrate, with the birth of his daughter! (Thanks Benji). Meanwhile, Feng Shaofeng‘s significant other Ni NI has had her fair share of photo shoots, and this time it’s his turn to be the star. He’s been busy, with three movies in 2014: Wolf Totem 狼图腾, about a man sent down during the Cultural Revolution (based off of Jiang Rong’s book of the same name), Golden Age黄金时代, a movie set in the 1930s starring with Tang Wei, and Continent 后会无期, a directed by Han Han. Look below the cut for more pictures.

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Photoshoot Friday: (belated) July 5, 2014

Cecilia Cheung‘s photoshoot for L’Officiel is my favorite this time, because of how nice all the colors look, though Li Bingbing and Angelababy also sport nice photoshoots for Trendshealth and Bazaar, respectively. Li Yuchun also makes an appearance, sporting a black tiara that I thought was her hair at first. Look below the cut for more pictures! Continue reading

Ni Ni for Madame Figaro

My favorite part of this photo shoot is the wallpaper-ing, especially in the third picture…just kidding! This is a Ni Ni photo shoot, so the wallpaper will have to come in as a second.

Not much else is new. As mentioned in her last photo shoot, she’s co-starring with Eddy Peng for Back in Time 匆匆那年, in which his character (of the 80s generation) reflects back on his first girlfriend under the questioning of a girl from the 90s generation. Oh, yeah, and Ni Ni is still ridiculously photogenic.  Continue reading

Liu Shishi in Cambodia for Voyage


Actress Liu Shishi does a photoshoot for Voyage in Cambodia.  Although the photoshoot itself isn’t special, I think it’s one of Liu Shishi’s personal best in terms of how gorgeous yet natural she looks, especially in the first photo below the cut.  Tangren make-up artists and lighting should take notice.

Also, I’m super jealous of her because now she’s gone to two out of the  three places I want to go to the most outside of China – Egypt and Cambodia.
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Photoshoot Round-up: Zhang Liang, of the endless legs…

Not sure what the recommended daily dosage of Zhang Liang pictures is, but I have a feeling this round up will be an overdose. He has not only seemingly endless legs, he also had a seemingly endless stream of photo shoots that almost drove me crazy from all the uploading.

Zhang Liang and his son Tiantian won’t be returning for Dad? Where Are We Going season 2, but he does make a guest appearance in Korean drama Doctor Stranger. You could look for him there, or find the supermodel in the numerous pictures below the cut. WHich one is your favorite? Continue reading

Gong Li is the eternal silver screen queen for Bazaar

Gong Li makes an Instagram filter look high class.

Has anyone watched Zhang Yimou’s Coming Home 归来 yet? I’m rather excited to, after reading the summary. Her look in this photo shoot is quite different from the one she sports as the female lead of her latest movie, but looking at them, I won’t argue with Bazaar when they describe her as “forever the queen of movies.” Look below the cut for more pictures!  Continue reading