Photoshoot Round up: Hong Niang, who’s red in China*?

Who should win the “best silver headdress” award – Zhang Xinyuan, with her classical beauty and ethnic minority hat, or Chen Yanqiu with her bejeweled Beijing opera headgear? Su Qing probably takes the prize for “cutest,” with her little Red Riding Hood get up and snowy backdrop. On the other hand, Bai Baihe is thoroughly modern (anyone else super excited for her upcoming movie Facelift Diary?) How  many of these actresses will become as “red (popular)” in China as the clothes they wear?  Look under the cut for more pictures!
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Ni Ni is beautiful (as usual) for Cosmopolitan

 photo 704_1238464_300086_zpsd2cfb80e.jpg
Take a look on Cfensi’s sidebar! You should find a “weekly poll” (the actual poll for which I can’t figure out how to embed in our sidebar). At the rate Ni Ni’s churning out these photoshoots, the next question may as well be, “Which one of her photo shoots in the last few weeks has been your favorite?” (It’s not completely our fault we post so much about her, there are just too many high quality photoshoots with her~). Look under the cut for more pictures.

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Yan Kuan, Du Ruoxi Wed in Bali

Yan Kuan in a blog post on the eve of the wedding: “I will take my stubbornness, loyalty, and courage toward marriage, and solidify them into a sapphire. They will become a wedding ring for you to wear on your finger.”

Actor Yan Kuan and actress Du Ruoxi, who got engaged in April of last year, held their wedding ceremony on Bali Island on March 22nd. Both the bride and the groom, who have been together since 2009, choked up when it came time to exchange their vows.

Yan Kuan, who officially changed his name to Yan Yikuan but whom we’re still calling Yan Kuan for continuity’s sake, arrived with an elephant to escort the bride, since elephants are an auspicious symbol in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, the elephant devoured the bridal bouquet that it was supposed to give Du Ruoxi. Luckily, the groom had come prepared with a second bouquet.

Although the newlyweds aimed to keep their wedding open to only close friends and family, there were still a lot of celebrities present, such as Du Chun and Ying’er, who served as a groomsman and a bridesmaid. Other attendees included Jeff Bao Jianfeng, Shen Tai, and YOYO.

Check out the collection of pictures (taken by Z&L Studio) behind the cut, including this absolutely precious photo of Yan Kuan tearing up when addressing his princess, whom he called “the best gift that Heaven has bestowed upon me”:

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Photoshoot Friday: March 21, 2014

Spring has been coming to us through photo shoots for a while now, so I’ll try not to use that as an introduction until next year. That said, Yao Chen is covered with blossoms in her shoot for Cosmopolitan, while Liu Xiaoran kisses a red rose wearing bright red lipstick. Zhao Liying is fresh faced and wears a giant gray-silver chrysanthemum on her head. Meanwhile, Zhou Xun goes for a sexy punker look, with dark crimson lipstick and heavy eyeshadow (though Liu Xiaoran’s red eyeshadow is rather more unusual). Ni Ni (+ Beautiful)’s make-up is lighter, but no less glamorous.  Continue reading

Cindy, Tian Liang extras by QQ

Cindy face shot

“My New Year’s wish is to be more like a girl, but still run as fast.” – Cindy.

Since we didn’t have photos of Cindy in our Dad Photoshoot special last week, here’s one just of her and dad Tian Liang!  Included are random translated quotes I’ve liked from the family.

The QQ extras is much better than the actual shoot itself.  More videos and photos of the extras here.
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Fan Bingbing for Marie Claire

Don’t be fooled by the cotton-candy pink of this magazine cover (which, actually, managed to pick a pretty decent picture!); the rest of this photo shoot was fairly dark and edgy. From the snappy way she’s holding it, you’d think that the retro camera Fan Bingbing brandishes was a gun. If you want to see her in a color other than black…well, you could wait for her 260 costumes as Wu ZetianContinue reading

Leading ladies welcome the spring in new photoshoots

Not a Photoshoot Friday, but there was none last week – have this one as a make-up! Zhou Xun looks closer to twenty than forty (but definitely not naively girlish), as she poses with huge flowers; meanwhile, Gao Yuanyuan’s red lipstick is the only spot of color in a photoshoot of austere black and white (like a blossom in winter?) Wang Luodan can’t wait for the real flowers to open, and has opted for a giant collection of colorful paper ones instead. Zhao Wei’s shoot for Elle doesn’t have actual flowers, but the soft appearance of fresher, brighter colors in a scene of whites and grays gives her pictures a semblance of spring.

It’s a high quality round-up this time, enjoy!~

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Ni Ni for Bazaar

Ni Ni gets magazine shoots from these “big” magazines much more often than most other actresses…but really, who can blame them when she’s so beautiful? (My Ni Ni + beautiful campaign continues).

If you’re not convinced that Ni Ni is just as pretty in action as she is in these photoshoots, you could check out her new movie Waiting for the Wind 等风来 with Jing Boran online at Youku here. There, she plays a struggling journalist who is sent to Nepal because her boss changed the offer to send her to Tuscanny at the last minute; rather bitter over the difficulties she’s had fighting for her lot in life, she meets Jing Boran’s second-generation nouveau rich “young master.” (His father has kicked him out because an ex-girlfriend ruined his semi-arranged wedding).

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Liu Shishi for Marie Claire

Am I the only one who thinks Liu Shishi looks an awful lot like Yang Mi int his first still? Don’t look under the cut if you don’t like the color blue; there’s tons of it as Liu Shishi poses for Marie Claire in bright lipsticks. Shishi’s fans should be happy: her upcoming dramas include The Legend of the Moon and Stars, Happiness of an Angel, Bu Bu Jing Qing, Sorry But I Love You, and Incisive Great Teacher. Of these, Bu Bu Jing Qing and Incisive Great Teacher play her across her real life boyfriend Nicky Wu.  Happiness of an Angel is a modern day drama piece about a single mother and an ailing daughter (the “angel”), with Ming Dao as her doctor-love-interest. Sorry But I Love You will star Liu Shishi against Wu Xiubo (Tiantian’s fan!), with Le Geng playing her childhood sweetheart and Wu Xiubo the boss at her new company.