Photoshoot Friday: August 29, 2014

Yao Chen makes me think that cloudy beaches might be more perfect than sunny ones – but then, Li Xuedong turns up a heat not long afterwards, revealing that the 17th prince has a pretty nice set of abs. Meanwhile, Minna Yang (Huang Rong for the upcoming ROCH 2014) goes for our favorite newspaper look ( “black, white, and red all over”). Gillian Chung looks much more sophisticated than she does in Ancient Sword in her photo shoot here, while “her” pet kitten Zhang Yunlong (from the same drama) is quite manly, even in a butterfly covered blouse. Also, Kai Ko plays basketball with a baseball cap on in his photo shoot for Elle Men (probably the last for a while).  Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: August 22, 2014

Wu Modi is Disney acid sequence colorful for her new photoshoot, while Ni Ni‘s first photoshoot in this round up is completely black. In the other one, she catches a few waves at the beach – for those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is starting to eck to an end…Meanwhile, Donnie Yen suits up for Bazaar, and Zhang Han slicks back his hair. Hey, we have an even male to female ratio this time…! Continue reading

Bea Hayden for Cosmopolitan

Bea Hayden goes pastel for Cosmopolitan in this recent photo shoot. Asides from reprising her role as Nan Xiang for Tiny Times 4: Soul’s End, she’s also the female lead for Love Evolutionism (released August 15th). She will be working with Amber Kuo again for the film Family in the Wind 风中家族, which takes place admist the withdrawal of Kuomingtang forces to Taiwan.  Continue reading

Dilireba, Gao Weiguang for NetEase


Can we agree that Yang Mi has really good taste? Dilireba and Gao Weiguang, two members of the gorgeous new Yang Mi workshop, were recently featured by NetEase in a cute Chinese Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

Dilireba is a current Shanghai Drama Academy student while Gao Weiguang is a Central Drama graduate.The two are most well-known in currently airing series Ancient Sword and co-star in Yang Mi-produced Micro Times. Dilireba will also be one of the episode leads for Yu Zheng’s upcoming The Making of a Beauty, and is set to star in Yu Zheng’s modern movie,  逆光之恋.

This face deserves to be above the cut.

Continue reading

Zhang Ziyi for Bazaar

Zhang Ziyi is as elegant as ever in stylish long dresses for Bazaar (Gong Li, you’re not the only one who pulls off Instagram filters). Watch out for her upcoming movie Forever Young无问西东 with Huang Xiaoming, Wang Leehom, Chang Chen, and Chen Chusheng, and her role in John Woo’s film The Crossing. Look below for more pictures; look forward to more stills and details from us in the future.  Continue reading

Zhou Xun for Bazaar

Asides from her upcoming movie Women Who Know How to Flirt Have the Best Lives, Zhou Xun is also going to be starring in the film Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友* (alternate English name My Girlfriend is Sick) with Tong Dawei, Wallace Chung, and Zhang Zilin. She plays a girl who, because of love, has prematurely entered her “turn of life” (or menopause, either figurative or literal).

But photo shoot-wise, Zhou Xun still looks as young and energetic as ever. Look for more stills below the cut.  Continue reading

Li Yuchun for L’Officiel

Singer Li Yuchun is as eye-catching as ever in her new photo shoot for L’Officiel (but I really don’t know where all the breezy blue-sky/ flowery summer photoshoots are this year…! Not that I mind the way these look). She probably has more photoshoots than any other musician I know of…

Also, she recently released a new album, “1987, I Didn’t Know I Would Meet You.” idarklight considers it one of the best pop albums of the year. You can find a collection of songs from that album on Youtube hereContinue reading

Photoshoot Friday: August 8, 2014

Yao Chen’s shoot for this week’s round up is in drastic contrast to the cheery pink of her last one; this time, she’s got a black dress that looks like it came from the Hunger Games. Qin Lan wears red and white summer dresses with silver earrings, while Li Yixuan goes for a colder white feather look. It’s probably summer in Arendelle; Yao Beina‘s (she sang Let it Go for the Chinese movie version of Frozen) cover for Marie Claire certainly agrees. Qi Wei pulls off high collars in what I hope wasn’t boiling hot weather, and Amber Kuo rounds off the photoshoot with a breezy looking skirt. Look below the cut for more stills.  Continue reading