Zhou Xun becomes a gentleman with Tong Dawei

Now there’s proof of what we’ve always assumed – Zhou Xun would be a really pretty boy (even with those hyper thick eyebrows). Look at more pictures under the cut, and look forward to her upcoming role in new drama Red Sorghum. If you’re wondering about Tong Dawei, he and Zhao Wei are working together again for upcoming movie “Darling 亲爱的”. (They’re also cooperating on upcoming drama Tiger Mother, Kitten Father).

By the way, is that a pocky stick that Tong Dawei is eating?  Continue reading

Dad, where’s Photoshoot Friday?

A mini PF of some dad members. Tiantian (Angela) and Tiantian are so cute promoting their upcoming movie “Daddy’s Vacation” at the Fusan Film that I might switch ship, while Tian Liang and Cindy are adorable in a forest/school photoshoot. Meanwhile, Bei’er of season 2 puts up her hair in a bun in a beautiful photoshoot for Grazia with mom Bao Lei. Continue reading

Gao Yuanyuan for Bazaar

Here’s another photoshoot from Gao Yuanyuan (she’s had a lot, we know); this time, she’s covering the October issue of Bazaar. She looks pretty tired in most of the shoots – except for that one picture where she gets to go to bed. Looks like fashion magazines are more attuned to midterm season than you thought…

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Tong Liya goes back to Xinjiang, shows off beautiful pics

Tong LIya, who was born in Xinjiang, recently returned there to shoot for a commercial. These pictures aren’t stills from a drama, but they’re definitely gorgeous enough to be – look below the cut to see her archery poses and ability to ride a horse. (P.S.: We would have loved to see a photo shoot of her dancing in Xinjiang).  Continue reading

Li Bingbing (and Sun Li) stun with a gorgeous painted style

It’s fair to say that I love every single picture in this set from Li Bingbing’s new photoshoot for L’Officiel: every single one of them would have been perfect as the feature photo. This isn’t the first time L’Officiel’s gone for this classical scroll sort of look – you might remember the pictures we posted of Sun Li last year. There are more pictures from that set below this cut, for your convenience). So I’m crossing my fingers that L’Officiel will make this an annual thing and suggestion to the editor: can we have Ni Ni in your next classical painting themed shoot? Who looks better in this type of antique painting style? (Also, if you want to see more of this scroll-painting sort of style, you can check out the promotional posters from the movie Gong, with Zhao Liying and Zhou Dongyu)  Continue reading