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jjss08 joined Cfensi in 2011, and will stay with Cfensi until she finds a method of time-traveling other than drama-stalking. She has an unhealthy bias for ancient dramas and pretty people in pretty clothes.

Photoshoot Friday: August 1, 2014

Here are the light-feeling summer photo shoots that we were missing last week…! Yao Chen is pretty in pink and later, confident with her black sunhat and red lipstick; Zhang Ziyi seems to be enjoying a summer breeze for Cosmopolitan, albeit with coats on. Gao Yuanyuan sports black jackets and a dress that seems to have grown little white wings, all against a blue background.
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Wei Zifu to show off color-coordinated costumes on August 20th

Loving the way the mint flowers on her hair ornament match her outer garment here.

(The Virtuous Queen of Han) Wei Zifu finally announced a release date for the series on Weibo, promising an online broadcast on August 20th – just in time for jjss08 to creep out and freak out impress her new roommate with her adoration for Liu Bingyi’s grandma!  the gorgeous Wei siblings.

Featuring Wang Luodan, Raymond Lam, Jones Xu Zhengxi, Chen Shali, Liu Yinghong, Shen Miao, Shen Tai, and Zhou Liqi, The Virtuous Queen of Han 大汉贤后卫子夫 is looking promising. You can see that thought was put into the costuming – asides from the fact that the embroidery isn’t just printed on the fabric, all the ornaments are coordinated with the clothing (ie, mint flowers in the first still, emerald with emerald in the second still, the peach petals and light green beads in the still for third still…even the gold-brown stone in the fourth still’s hairpiece matches the sleeve’s border…)

Though this might be more reflective of how much time jjss08 has spent admiring the costumes, than how well hair decorations match the clothing in less eye-candy filled productions. More stills below the cut!
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Cindy, your dad and mom fell into the water!

Remember how Cindy had a cuteness competition with the cetaceans at the zoo? Her dad Tian Liang went right into the waters of Palau and swam against a backdrop of sharks. He and Cindy’s mom Ye Yiqian held hands and danced with jellyfish, as these snapshots attest.

To see more of Tian Liang swimming or in the water…you could watch his new drama Sunshine in Me 骄阳似我. Here, he plays Lin Feng, whose idyllic home is broken when his mother mysteriously runs away from home. His father, who loved his mother deeply, stops caring about him and his brother. Thanks to the introduction of Su Xiaoke (Yi Yi), Lin Feng goes on to join an athletic team as a swimmer, while his neglected brother feels the need to prove his worth through succeeding as an athlete. They later find that Lin Feng’s mother is in prison, while Su Xiaoke is the brothers’ amnesiac half sister?
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Jane Zhang ventures into Wonderland with her new Forever MV

Pretty scenery, happy Jane, a little ambassador dressed in fairytale clothing make for a gorgeous MV

Most people trifle with a sixth sense, but Jane Zhang goes further. Her latest album is called “Seventh Sense 第七感,” of which the song “Forever 永远” is part. The whimsical MV has high production quality, with giant chessboards for roads and flying checker pieces, huge conch shells, and (possibly) clones of the White Rabbit’s stopwatch serving as a background for all the back up dancers and Singing Janes. Find the translation and a few more stills below the cut.
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Character posters released from upcoming film Love Evolutionism

I thought this was a poster from Dad, season 2 at first. Also, it proves that I wasn’t the one who came up with the word “Evolutionism.”

Here’s another summer movie that you might be interested in keeping tabs on!

Love Evolutionism 爱情进化论 will star Duan Yihong (White Deer Plain), Bea Hayden (Tiny Times), Cya Liu (So Young), Xie Nan (Painted Mural), Xie Yilin (Tiny Times), and Zhang Xinyu (of upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes). In this story, post-doc Pan Xiaozhe (Duan Yihong) likes to use his knowledge of biology to solve any and all problems. His neighbor, the single woman An An (Bea Hayden) is secretly in love with her co-worker Li Xia. She asks Pan Xiaozhe to use his knowledge of biology to help her set up a successful romance…  Continue reading

Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming star in upcoming movie “Women Who Know How to Flirt Have the Best Lives”

Zhou Xun uses Huang Xiaoming to demonstrate why women who know how to sajiao have the best lives.

*Note: 撒娇(sa jiao)  is less like flirtng than acting like a spoiled child…sort of like flirting and whining?
Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming‘s upcoming film, Women Who Flirt Have the Best Lives撒娇女人最好命 recently had its release date set for January 1st. Here, life is compared to coffee, with the ability to “sa jiao” like sugar – life is bitter when there isn’t enough, disgusting when there’s too much. Thus, the premise of the film (and the book that it’s adapted from, 会撒娇的女人最好名** ) is that intelligent and successful women know how to use this strategy. (Readers – do you agree?)
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Photoshoot Friday: Keeping cool?

Model Zhang Xinyuan wows again with her new photoshoot, in which she goes for an Ophelia (the Pre-Ralphaelite painting) theme with numerous pale blue hydrangeas. She’s followed by Gao Yuanyuan, who’s draped with sweaters of the same color (winter in Australia, after all…) Meanwhile, Qin Lan goes for clear cut black and white business clothing, and Zhang Zilin wants you to “stay cool” on Marie Claire’s cover. Look below the cut for more pictures! Continue reading

Tiny Times 4: See you Spring 2015!

It’s not game over yet! Are you ready for Round 4 with Lin Xiao and Zhou Chongguang?

Tiny Times isn’t a trilogy after all…Tiny Times 4, Soul’s End灵魂尽头 is going to bring us back to the glamorous world of Guo Jingmings Tiny Times next spring. See the announcement at the end of Kris Wu’s rendition of Yu Kewei’s Time Boiled Rain, which includes clips from the new movie. (The lyric translations can be found here).

Looking forward to more glamorous stills; the fourth movie has already finished shooting. Cast should include Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Bea Hayden, Calvin Du, Chen Xuedong, Guo Jingming, Jiang Chao, Kai Ko, Lee Hyunjae, Ren Youming, Vivian Dawson, Xie Yilin.

P.S: Can anyone tell us how Rhydian Vaughan’s replacement for Gong Ming did in the third movie?

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