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jjss08 joined Cfensi in 2011, and will stay with Cfensi until she finds a method of time-traveling other than drama-stalking. She has an unhealthy bias for ancient dramas and pretty people in pretty clothes.

More character stills from upcoming drama Qin’s Moon

Michelle Chen and the (absolutely adorable) child actress for the princess of Yan take a break from filming to take a selfie together (and prove that Michelle Chen suffered really bad photoshop in her character stills)

Tangren’s drama adaptation of QIn’s Moon has released another set of character stills. Lu Yi, MIchelle Chen, Jiang Jinfu, and Sun Yizhou show off more costumes/poses, but they’re also joined by Sui Yongliang as Gao JIanli, Gong Beibei as Snowlady, Song Ning as the senior “Controller of Fate”(Da Siming, who was female in the original), Qu Zheming as White Phoenix, You Jingru as the junior Siming, and Zhang Lei as Zhao Gao (a very powerful, and generally evil eunuch from the Qin dynasty). Look under the cut to see character stills.

Also, if you were interested in the animation series, the trailer for Season 5 was also recently released. HQ version of the season 5 trailer here; Youtube version below the cut. There was also a trailer showing off how nice the animation of the series is becoming, for another one of the special shorts (you can watch the full short here) (this one is particularly heavy on the fantasy). Continue reading

Zhou Xun becomes a gentleman with Tong Dawei

Now there’s proof of what we’ve always assumed – Zhou Xun would be a really pretty boy (even with those hyper thick eyebrows). Look at more pictures under the cut, and look forward to her upcoming role in new drama Red Sorghum. If you’re wondering about Tong Dawei, he and Zhao Wei are working together again for upcoming movie “Darling 亲爱的”. (They’re also cooperating on upcoming drama Tiger Mother, Kitten Father).

By the way, is that a pocky stick that Tong Dawei is eating?  Continue reading

Rain and Liu Yifei star together in “For Love of Money”


Beach volleyball, anyone?

Directed by Gao Xixi and starring Rain and Liu YIfei in the lead roles,  upcoming romance film “For Love of Money” 落水红颜” will be hitting the silver screen on November 7th. (By the way, if you don’t care about Liu Yifei or Rain, you might be interested in seeing Joan Chen or Tang Yan in side roles).

Liu Yifei came from an aristocratic family, which has since fallen to ruin. With no other choice, she lives like an ordinary girl (oh, woe is her!). She meets and falls in love with a mysterious artist in a coffee shop, thus heralding the beginning of an uncertain love story.  Continue reading

Sun Li, Jiang Xin reunite for upcoming drama The Legend of Miyue

Are you ready to see Zhen Huan – er, Mi Yue – lose that innocent look in her eyes, and harden into Zhen Huan again the first Empress Dowager?

Ready for an 80 episode series with Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Ma Su, Gao Yunxiang, and Alex Fong?

In the Warring States period, Mi Yue (Sun Li) is King Wei of Chu’s favorite little princess, but after her father’s death, her life falls to chaos. Her mother is cast out of the palace by the Queen of Chu, and Mi Yue and her brother Mi Rong hide in the palace, avoiding disaster after disaster. Mi Yue had had a childhood sweetheart, but is instead sent as an attendant to the state of Qin when her sister (Liu Tao) marries there. Her sister becomes the queen of Qin, while Mi Yue becomes a consort. After Mi Yue gives birth to her son (Alex Fong), her relationship with her sister deteriorates (both begin to engage in harem politics). Later, Mi Yue and her sister are sent to the far away state of Yan, but unexpectedly, Liu Tao’s son dies, and Qin enters internal turmoil. Mi Yue’s son becomes the next king of Qin, and Mi Yue becomes the first empress dowager in history, “The Empress Dowager Xuan*.” (Fun fact: in order to make herself feel at peace when she died, the 71 year old Mi Yue ordered to have the first terracotta warriors made).

The Legend of Miyue is adapted from a novel.

*In the same type of “first” as Qinshihuang was the first emperor. Qin has a lot of firsts to its name! Continue reading

Gao Yuanyuan for Bazaar

Here’s another photoshoot from Gao Yuanyuan (she’s had a lot, we know); this time, she’s covering the October issue of Bazaar. She looks pretty tired in most of the shoots – except for that one picture where she gets to go to bed. Looks like fashion magazines are more attuned to midterm season than you thought…

Continue reading

Tong Liya goes back to Xinjiang, shows off beautiful pics

Tong LIya, who was born in Xinjiang, recently returned there to shoot for a commercial. These pictures aren’t stills from a drama, but they’re definitely gorgeous enough to be – look below the cut to see her archery poses and ability to ride a horse. (P.S.: We would have loved to see a photo shoot of her dancing in Xinjiang).  Continue reading

Li Bingbing (and Sun Li) stun with a gorgeous painted style

It’s fair to say that I love every single picture in this set from Li Bingbing’s new photoshoot for L’Officiel: every single one of them would have been perfect as the feature photo. This isn’t the first time L’Officiel’s gone for this classical scroll sort of look – you might remember the pictures we posted of Sun Li last year. There are more pictures from that set below this cut, for your convenience). So I’m crossing my fingers that L’Officiel will make this an annual thing and suggestion to the editor: can we have Ni Ni in your next classical painting themed shoot? Who looks better in this type of antique painting style? (Also, if you want to see more of this scroll-painting sort of style, you can check out the promotional posters from the movie Gong, with Zhao Liying and Zhou Dongyu)  Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: September 26, 2014

Kris Wu Yifan looks so petulant in his photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar (woulld you prefer that he substitute for Kai Ko in Tiny Times 4, or that Guo Jingming just edits out Gu Yuan?) Other than that, there’s also Qiao Zhenyu of the recently finished Ancient Sword series, and Jiang Jinfu, of the upcoming but-who-knows-when-it’ll-come-out sword series QIn’s Moon also gets a shoot this week. Gao Yuanyuan is fairly stunning, as usual.

Trendshealth also asked several stars to shoot for thier breast cancer awareness shoot. There’s Lin Chi-ling, Zhang Xinyi, and Wu Modi – though, warning, there’s concealed nudity in some of those pictures.  Continue reading

Announcement: Hey, Cfensi sponsors time travel now!

What was happening around 6 years ago, in September? Yang Yun and Yang Wei were getting engaged/married, China’s Modern Sky Festival was in Beijing and not coming to New York (October 4-5, 2014 if you remember), Ugly Wudi had yet to come out, Painted Skin came out on the 25th, on and on and – oh, yeah, and Cfensi started to publish posts on this WordPress website!

So here’s an anniversary present! (We’re actually ~4 days late, but…you and I both don’t want to wait until Christmas or Chinese New Years~) Cfensi now features a “Time Portal” tab – take a look here, and you’ll find a catalogue (by time era, ie: Qin, Han, etc) of the Chinese dramas we’ve posted on since we came back to WordPress in late August/early September, 2012. We’re trying to incorporate some type of video link for each project, so if you find one for a drama or movie we haven’t listed yet, please leave a note to make our jobs easier! Of course, also feel free to leave other suggestions and feedback.