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Yang Mi and Deng Chao go for the “stupidest, but also most touching romance” in Breakup Guru

Yang Mi is supposed to be a left-over lady in this film. This poster is a little unconvincing.

We’re still waiting for a broadcast date for Ancient Sword, but in the meanwhile, Yang Mi‘s more romcom movies seem to be going well – Tiny Times 3.0 is slated to come out on July 17th, and her other upcoming movie with Deng Chao in the Break Up Guru will come out on June 24th. This will be Deng Chao’s first directorial work, adapted from a stage play of the same name. Asides from Yang Mi and Deng Chao’s main characters, you can also count on seeing Sun Li, Liu Yan, and Liang Chao in cameo roles. (Gulinazha should have a small role as well). Yang Mi plays a “leftover lady” (a Christmas cake) who makes a living selling DVDs; meanwhile, Deng Chao’s character lives off of women. They meet in an accidental “hero saves the damsel in distress” scenario, and from then on, embark on what is advertised as the “stupidest, yet most touching love story in history.” Look under the cut for some more stills!  Continue reading

Photoshoot Round up: Hong Niang, who’s red in China*?

Who should win the “best silver headdress” award – Zhang Xinyuan, with her classical beauty and ethnic minority hat, or Chen Yanqiu with her bejeweled Beijing opera headgear? Su Qing probably takes the prize for “cutest,” with her little Red Riding Hood get up and snowy backdrop. On the other hand, Bai Baihe is thoroughly modern (anyone else super excited for her upcoming movie Facelift Diary?) How  many of these actresses will become as “red (popular)” in China as the clothes they wear?  Look under the cut for more pictures!
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Ni Ni is beautiful (as usual) for Cosmopolitan

 photo 704_1238464_300086_zpsd2cfb80e.jpg
Take a look on Cfensi’s sidebar! You should find a “weekly poll” (the actual poll for which I can’t figure out how to embed in our sidebar). At the rate Ni Ni’s churning out these photoshoots, the next question may as well be, “Which one of her photo shoots in the last few weeks has been your favorite?” (It’s not completely our fault we post so much about her, there are just too many high quality photoshoots with her~). Look under the cut for more pictures.

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Round up: What’s Yu Zheng up to?

Which drama does this still remind you off? This one? Or this one?

Quiz up (can someone make me a Chinese entertainment version?)! Which one of these is not a drama recently produced by Yu Zheng? Song in the CloudsPalace 3Return of the Condor Heroes 2014, or The Palace? Colorful stills are abound from each drama, and synopses for these can be found by following links to previous posts.

More than once he’s been called upon to “scat from the entertainment circle,” but Yu Zheng is still going strong: his upcoming dramas include Turnip 蔓蔓青萝, a story concerning the young lady Li Qingluo (“Green Carrot”). The daughter of a concubine, she and her mother are disdained by the rest of her high ranking family, and she rarely puts on make up or competes with her sisters for attention. Yet she is a talented zither player and a skilled cook, and when her mother is sick in bed one day, only she leaves to search for medicine. Disguised as a boy one day, she meets the “Five Princes of Feng City,” thus opening a tangled love story…

Also upcoming is his “sequel” to the Legend of Lü Zhen, Legend of Mingyue. (Looking forward to seeing Chen XIao in uniform? This is a Republican era piece). The drama series is based off of the novel The Last Prince, the love story of the “last prince” of the Qing dynasty. Yu Zheng also has plans to adapt the last series in the Condor Trilogy, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, to television sometime in the future.

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Photoshoot Friday: March 21, 2014

Spring has been coming to us through photo shoots for a while now, so I’ll try not to use that as an introduction until next year. That said, Yao Chen is covered with blossoms in her shoot for Cosmopolitan, while Liu Xiaoran kisses a red rose wearing bright red lipstick. Zhao Liying is fresh faced and wears a giant gray-silver chrysanthemum on her head. Meanwhile, Zhou Xun goes for a sexy punker look, with dark crimson lipstick and heavy eyeshadow (though Liu Xiaoran’s red eyeshadow is rather more unusual). Ni Ni (+ Beautiful)’s make-up is lighter, but no less glamorous.  Continue reading

My Ol’ Classmate releases stills

 photo 704_1265969_204223_zps7b8b66cb.jpg

“Someday, I’ll take you to a place that belongs only to us…” The young actors Zhang Zifeng and Li Jiacheng show off how adorable they are.

Bu Bu Jing Qing finally got a release date attached to it, but I’m disappointed that we won’t be getting out 14th Prince back…but hey, at least we’ll get to see Lin Gengxin costar with Zhou Dongyu (another really tall prince of the Qing dynasty for the Mou girl!) for upcoming movie My Ol’ Classmate. (It’s been such a long time since our last post, you can refresh your memory with regards to the synopsis). The two go through junior high, high school, and college together: and somehow, with Zhou Dongyu’s eternal youth and the playful mischief on Lin Gengxin’s*  face, you can (kind of) believe it! Parts of the movie take place in America.

*Yeah, right. Have you ever seen a 186 cm tall junior high school student? Lin Gengxin and Zhou Dongyu are actually played by younger actors (Zhang Zifeng and Li Jiacheng) for parts of their youth…and you’d be surprised by how similar those kids look to their grown-up counterparts. Look for stills below the cut, and look forward to a movie with a simple, but pure love. The movie will be released on April 25th. Continue reading

Zhang Hanyu is decked out gorgeously again for Princess of Orchid Hills

Kuo, I think you mentioned that it seems the stylist liked light colors? They love those of us at Cfensi a lot, and decided to prove us wrong…

Did you think that Zhang Hanyu‘s peacock costume was stunning? There’s more to come. Here’s to a stunning wedding photo shoot from The Princess of Orchid Hills. One wonder who she’s dressed out for: at some point, she marries Yuwen Yong and becomes his empress. There won’t be a shortage of romantic entanglements here; the number one beauty of the Western Qi is Xiao Luoyun (played by Wang Jiexi), the fiancée of the very adorable Prince of Lanling (Andy Yi Chen). Coming on with an unrequited love for Yuwen Yong is Hua Yihan‘s Yan Wan – and on top of that, we’re throwing in the Mongolian Princess Ashina, played by Theresa Fu

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Fan Bingbing for Marie Claire

Don’t be fooled by the cotton-candy pink of this magazine cover (which, actually, managed to pick a pretty decent picture!); the rest of this photo shoot was fairly dark and edgy. From the snappy way she’s holding it, you’d think that the retro camera Fan Bingbing brandishes was a gun. If you want to see her in a color other than black…well, you could wait for her 260 costumes as Wu ZetianContinue reading

Leading ladies welcome the spring in new photoshoots

Not a Photoshoot Friday, but there was none last week – have this one as a make-up! Zhou Xun looks closer to twenty than forty (but definitely not naively girlish), as she poses with huge flowers; meanwhile, Gao Yuanyuan’s red lipstick is the only spot of color in a photoshoot of austere black and white (like a blossom in winter?) Wang Luodan can’t wait for the real flowers to open, and has opted for a giant collection of colorful paper ones instead. Zhao Wei’s shoot for Elle doesn’t have actual flowers, but the soft appearance of fresher, brighter colors in a scene of whites and grays gives her pictures a semblance of spring.

It’s a high quality round-up this time, enjoy!~

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