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Cindy turns six, already breaking hearts


This photo was so cute and popular  that Sohu and QQ later reached out and brought the originals to put as their entertainment headliner.

Tian Liang may have been ousted of the “National Father-in-Law” title by Han Han, but that’s only because the competition for Cindy‘s heart is already a tight-race.    #Cindy’s  rumored boyfriend” beat out even the Hong Kong Film Awards to make the top hashtag on Weibo following Guo Tao’s recounting of a comment by Shitou at Cindy’s birthday party.  The birthday party, along with an award for Zhang Liang, also helped the entire Liang^2 family of 7-1 , including Kou Jing, Ye Yiqian, Zhang Liang, Tian Liang, Cindy, and Tiantian, all get in the top ten most searched names on Weibo for the past two days.

Shitou said: “Happy Birthday, Cindy.”
Like a flower waiting to bloom, Cindy smiled,” Thanks, Shitou-gege.”
Shitou then said,”Your rumored boyfriend is still on the road. Let’s not wait and start eating.”

Shitou-ah, you should learn more from Dad when he was young. *tears* *tears* *tears*

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“A Bite of China 2″ releases MV, to air on Friday

Warning: do not watch when hungry!

Warning: do not watch without food!

April’s most anticipated sequel (sorry, Bu Bu Jing Qing) is finally coming! The 8-episode sequel to the hit documentary “A Bite of China” will air on CCTV on Friday after a two months delay in production. The series, a story of Chinese food, but more important the people behind the food, was one of China’s biggest hits in 2012, and marked a major comeback for the very underrated CCTV 9 documentary channel.   If you haven’t watched, season 1 is readily available on YouTube with both English subs and dubs.

I teared up just watching the beautiful behind the scenes extra MV below. While you’re waiting, I highly recommend CCTV’s documentary Peony 牡丹, which uses a similar method of using an object (this time the Peony) to tell stories of both individuals and society, their history, and their dreams. The narrator and production teams also overlap.  Are you excited, or are you already screaming in joy?

Nirvana in Fire releases vintage stills


If you’re in an arranged marriage, the next best thing to being in love is both being best bff’s and bamf’s.


Nirvana in Fire, the Kong Sheng-directed drama of “friendship” and revenge, released the first major set of stills of its cast.  Featured are the lead Hu Ge, his best friends played by Wang Kai, Chen Long, Jin Dong,  and Wu Lei,  and the female supporting cast of Liu TaoZhou Qiqi, Zhang Lingxin, and Wang Ou.

Also, it has been confirmed that archrivals Yu Zheng and Tangren will have their two actors, Zhang Hanzhe  and Hu Ge, playing the before-and-after of the lead character.   Next thing we know, Liu Shishi and Yang Rong will be playing siblings.  (In fact …  Yu Zheng said yesterday that he asked Liu Shishi about playing XiaoLongNv)  Continue reading

“Perfect Couple” watches a meteor shower, releases MV


The cast cosplaying “Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower”


As   Perfect Couple nears airing date on the 21st, the series is releasing plenty of goodies, this time their ending theme song MV and a series of Meteor Shower themed photos.    The song below is written by the amazing Lin Hai (Da Ming Palace), with lyrics by Tonghua.   More photos of the leads, Tang Yan, Wallace Huo, Gong Mi, and Huang Ming, below the cut.

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Musical drama releases more character posters

If anything, this drama needs to win the award for best character posters for a drama.

If anything, with four sets of character posters, drama needs to win the award for best character posters for a drama.

Another set of gorgeous posters for eeMedia’s musical drama and Hunan TV’s first air-as-you-film series, “Song of Vengeance/Journey to the Sing & War/Star Academy”. I love eeMedia’s visual design team N13 with all my heart but I wish the promotional posters and trailers actually gave us a glimpse of what the series is actually like. At least we have eye candy along the way?

Trailer below and more character posters of the cast, including veterans Huang Yida, Qin Lan, and Wang Yaoqing, as well as first-time drama leads Fu Mengni, Chai Biyun, Xie Binbin, and Ou Hao below the cut. The series airs this Sunday.

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Misc. drama news


Tang Yan, Li Yifeng looking extremely adorable in their drama together!

  • BTS from Zhao Liying, Zhang Han’s modern adaptation of “Come to eat, Shanshan” here. The BTS also confirms rumors of Zhao Liying, Wallace Huo to star in adaptation of fantasy novel 花千骨.
  • New extras miniseries of “Where are we going? Dad” here.
  • Joining his co-star Nathan Lee (who is dating Qi Wei)  in Chinese-Korean couples,  New Beijing Memories lead  Gao Ziqi is now dating Chae Rim.  New Beijing Memories 新京华烟云, starring Li Sheng, Nathan Lee, Gao Ziqi, Kan Qingzi, is now airing on land channels.
  • The third installment in the Palace series to air on Hunan TV on April 8th. Trailer here.
  • Zhang Meng, Zhang Rui collaborate  in new modern series “Stairs of temptation 欲望的阶梯.” The series is produced by H&R Century/Huanrui (SOP Queen, New The Four, Yu Zheng/Yang Mi/Tang Yan/Mingdao workshops)
  • Tang Yan, Shu Chang, Li Yifeng, William Chan begin filming the girls’ first leading H&R Century/Huanrui series,  活色生香/蝶香 Butterfly Fragrance.


Musical drama releases gleeful posters!

Who knows what the title is ...

A game about music maybe is tiny, but the battle for pureness and faith is great …

After the weird Battle Royale-type posters, eeMedia/Hunan TV finally released posters more fitting of their first musical idol drama 唱战记! Designed by my favorite N13, the posters are bright and fun, and includes more garbling of English.

Since the series seem to have a new English name every time a new poster series is released (Song of Vengeance - > Journey to the Sing & War – > Star Academy/Music Idol Drama), I will just call it the eeMedia musical.

Character posters of the student stars Huang Yida, Fu Mengni, Chai Biyun, Ou Hao, and Xie Binbin below the cut.
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Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo back in the Ming for “The Imperial Doctress”


Hoping to finally have an ending that doesn’t involve the death of either her or her beloved, Liu Shishi becomes a doctor. Little does she know that the greatest irony of them all is when the doctor can’t save her own love.

Liu Shishi and Wallace Huo join hands once more in the Ming dynasty for upcoming Tangren/NewBeauty series The Imperial Doctress 女医·明妃传.  Luckily, her outfits this time is actually more reflective of fashion of the era, with plenty of aofu (upper jacket + lower skirt) and bizi (the outer jackets). Liu Shishi plays the historical figure of Tan Youxian, one of the four famous female doctors of ancient China.  Wallace Huo and Huang Qian play two princes who probably via for her love, with Wallace Huo being the eventual Zhengtong Emperor.  Filming begun  March 25th in Hengdian. Character posters below the cut. Continue reading

Cindy, Tian Liang extras by QQ

Cindy face shot

“My New Year’s wish is to be more like a girl, but still run as fast.” – Cindy.

Since we didn’t have photos of Cindy in our Dad Photoshoot special last week, here’s one just of her and dad Tian Liang!  Included are random translated quotes I’ve liked from the family.

The QQ extras is much better than the actual shoot itself.  More videos and photos of the extras here.
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