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Zheng Shuang stills for “Ancient Sword”



The cutest Zheng Shuang for  “Legend of the Ancient Sword.”  Zheng Shuang recently finished filming for The Cage of Love with Hawick Lau, is currently doing a guest appearance in a Huace drama, and will star in a drama about Tai-Chi by the team of Ancient Sword  in September.

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All Quiet in Beijing releases trailer fit for the silver screen

After seeing trailers for this and Nirvana in Fire, I’m officially a fan of this team from Shandong TV Group, whose trailers are all film-qualitied.   All Quiet in Beijing 北平无战事 features a truly all-star (i.e. not just pretty, but amazing actors) of Liu Ye, Berlin Film Festival’s new best actor Fan Liao, Chen Baoguo, Wang Kai (who is also a lead in Nirvana in Fire). The drama is directed by Kong Sheng and produced by Hou Hongliang, the duo behind Nirvana in Fire and Chuang Guandong. The script is by Liu heping of  Emperor Yongzheng 雍正王朝 and Ming Dynasty1566 大明王朝1566.

Tiny Times concludes today, Guo Jingming releases memories photoshoot


All Guo Jingming needs is to add HAGS to make this a middle school yearbook-themed photoshoot.

As the trilogy comes to a conclusion, Guo Jingming releases set of BFF, HAGS! Tiny Times Forever character stills of the leads Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Kai Ko, Chen Xuedong, Bea Hayden, Xie Yilin, Jiang Chao, Calvin Du, Vivian Dawson, Lee Hyunjae, and Ren Youming.  The film opens today in China.

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Qiao Zhenyu, Gillian Chung for Ancient Sword

Qiao Zhenyu is too pretty

Qiao Zhenyu’s face is sufficient reason for you to watch this.

Li Yifeng must have it really hard when both of the other two male leads are so much prettier than him. This week, we feature Qiao Zhenyu and Gillian Chung, the once happily married couple of currently-airing series The Legend of Ancient Sword.  Qiao Zhenyu plays one of the two titular characters of the first game, the current life of an immortal master musician punished to the human world and caught in the wheel of reincarnation.  In the process, his soul was split into four horcruxes parts, and the loss made him slowly lose his memory and rationality as he seeks to be whole again.

Stills of Qiao Zhenyu and Gillian Chung below the cut, and Qiao Zhenyu trailer below. Can you spot the Zhang Meng among the stills?

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Ma Tianyu stills for Ancient Sword


Stills of Ma Tianyu, the “female lead” aka goofball of “Legend of the Ancient Sword.” Ma Tianyu is really the winner of the show, with William Chan as his brother, Zhang Meng as his sister, Qi Wei as his fiancee, Zhang Na as his first love, and Zheng Shuang as his current love.
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Boss & Me features a lot of eating

Boss & Me, aka How the Boss Fed Me to Eat Me.

How the Boss Fed Me to Eat Me, aka Witch & Gretel Boss & Me

True to its original name Shanshan Come and Eat, Boss & Me released  stills consisting entirely of the leads Zhang Han and Zhao Liying eating.   Zhao Liying said she gained 4 kg during the filming of the series because her character is constantly eating.  The series begins airing today.  Are you hungry yet?

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Zhang Han gone viral


Striking resemblance?

If you’re on Weibo, your Weibo feed might be flooded by memes of Zhang Han.  First, his line in Boss & Me went viral as a meme (ex. Lu Yi-Huang Lei, World Cup, and Sherlock versions,  then someone pointed out he looked like Trollface,  now he’s even got merged with Doge, the last Chinese Internet meme hit.  Popular Chinese rage comic video company BaoZouManHua even released a rage comic just for him.

The memes, although often vitriolic in nature, was nevertheless a boost to his new drama Paranormal Adonis,  the first Weibo hashtag I’ve seen that used 100 million as an unit of counting views.  Btw, that drama is a definite recommend.  It has the best production qualities of all the idol dramas currently airing, got recordbreaking views for its slot, and by the end of episode 2, most people going in to poke fun at Zhang Han wanted to know what happens next.

Tong Liya, Jerry Yan are “Loving, Never Forgetting”


I can’t tell if she’s wearing a wedding gown with a really big veil, or in bed.

In another classic Internet novel plot, Jerry Yan’s big boss has an one-night stand with Tong Liya’s poor intern and totally forgets about it until one day, he finds a little boy in need of blood donations, and he turns out to be his son …

The trailer for Loving, Never Forgetting 恋恋不忘 didn’t look great so I didn’t post on it before, but among the six or so dramas that begun airing last week, this was the only one I stuck with.   The story is a bit cliche, but decent.   Jerry Yan, Tong Liya, and Jerry Huang all look great despite the poor lighting.  Anyways, a recommend until the two dramas I’m really looking forward to are airing soon  -  Boss & Me and Ancient Sword!

Since the fanmade trailer is better than the actual one … Whatever happened to Ocean Butterfly’s music quality anyways?

“Boss & Me” releases trailer


Zhao Liying vs Zhang Han, whose eyebrows are thicker?

Comfort drama Boss & Me, the second of the three dramas by Zhang Han that’s airing this summer,  begins airing on July 7th.    The trailer had a pretty big effect in the Weibo world as one scene became an instant meme hit. Can you guess which one?