Liu Shishi plays twins for upcoming movie Five Minutes to Remember

“Did you, because of my face, fall in love with her…or did you, because of her face, also fall in love with me?”

One would hope that Liu Shishi‘s next dual role in a production would be better than her last (Bu Bu Jing Qing. Kudos if you can name another production she played “two” characters in). In her next movie Five Minutes to Remember, adapted from a Japanese novel, Shishi plays a pair of twins who fall in love with the same man (Joseph Chang). Meanwhile, the apprentice watchmaker played by Miura Haruma – who lives to the rhythm of a watch that’s always five minutes late – is attracted to the two twins because of an unexpected occurrence. While vacationing outside the country, the two sisters get into a car accident, and only one survives. But who is it that really returned to the side of the man they love?  Continue reading

Crime-thriller meets humor in Death Notice

Sleeper hit web-series, The Death Notice: The Darker 暗黑者, adds refreshing humor to a traditionally somber genre, and instead of restricting itself to the usual themes of revolutionary spies, drug wars, and efforts against localized corruption, the show actually challenges a number of social norms and stigmas, something new for c-dramas.

The Death Notice is best described as a crime thriller comedy. Season 1 based off the first book in Zhou Haohui’s Death Notice trilogy, which follows the main character, Luo Fei 罗飞 (played by the brilliant Guo Jingfei 郭京飞 of “Longmen Express 龙门镖局”), an idiosyncratic police academy professor with a hidden past, as he joins a team of misfits to discover and capture the mysterious killer, Darker, a vigilante who targets criminals that have otherwise escaped legal punishment.

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Song in the Clouds releases theme song

Leave it to Yu Zheng to market his drama by including the name of the original novel in the lyrics.

Li Yuchun’s theme song for Song in the Clouds has been released.  Starring Angelababy, Lu Yi, Chen Xiao, Du Chun, Yang Rong, and Su Qing, the series follow the plot of the popular Tonghua novel by the same name.   Tonghua’s Desert Melody, now known as Legend of the Moon and Stars in its drama form,  is the  inferior prequel.   Anyways, more stills below the cut.

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Liu Yifei as princess for Outcast

“What will I do when i can’t learn how to act before I get too old to play generic vase characters/token asian love interests?”

Crystal Liu Yifei plays a Song dynasty princess, daughter of a deceased emperor, (she’s got Andy On as her brother) in their upcoming movie Outcast. Pay attention, though – this movie, about crusaders in ancient China, also stars Nicholas Cage and Hayden Christensen. The movie will be released in China on September 26th, and will be released in America (?) in February. It’s an English language film, but Liu Yifei is still Liu Yifei. Look below the cut for more pictures.  Continue reading

Zhang Xinyu alternates between Han and Wusun fashion for upcoming drama Liu Jieyou

Zhang Xinyu is treating this set of stills like another long photo shoot.

Princess Jieyou is coming back to China…sort of. Zhang Xinyu stars as the titular princess in her first non-Qing/Republican era historical drama, as Liu Jieyou. As the imperial family engages in marriage-alliances with the neighboring Wusun, Liu Jieyou (who would otherwise be from an inglorious branch of the Liu clan) is elevated to “princess,” and sent off to marry into the Wusun. Her first husband is played by Yuan Wenkang, while his little brother and Jieyou’s second husband (presumably, also her true love) is played by Yuan Hong. Meanwhile, the beautiful “Madame of the Left” (one of the Wusun king’s other primary wives) is played by Zhang Yiluan, while Ye Qing (star of the still unreleased Hua Xu Yin) is the princess’ loyal serving maid, who is sent with her to live with the Wusun. Look below the cut for more pictures! Continue reading

Tiantian and Shitou make cameos in Dad? Season 2

“Village Leader” Li Rui is probably happy to see kids who don’t bully him all the time.

Has anyone been following Dad, Where Are We Going? Season 2? Lu Yi and Huang Lei have decided to become the “bromantic” pair of the season, calling themselves “the shepherd and his wife/the garbage collector and his wife.” Meanwhile, Lu Yi’s daughter Bei’er introduced Grace (the youngest participant, who insists that everyone call her “Big sister(jiejie)”) as (pork) “Bun” (bao zi) in front of Yao Ming. Plus, the kids get to wear the traditional clothing of the people in each place they visit.

But if you’re pining for the boys from season 1, Tiantian, Shitou, and their fathers cameo at the end of episode 9, and actively participate in the goat wrangling/Mongolian wrestling/grand cooking contest in episode 10. A few more pictures here.  In addition, Kimi and Jimmy Lin will be making a return in three episodes as the group goes to Taiwan.


Photoshoot Friday: August 22, 2014

Wu Modi is Disney acid sequence colorful for her new photoshoot, while Ni Ni‘s first photoshoot in this round up is completely black. In the other one, she catches a few waves at the beach – for those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is starting to eck to an end…Meanwhile, Donnie Yen suits up for Bazaar, and Zhang Han slicks back his hair. Hey, we have an even male to female ratio this time…! Continue reading

Bea Hayden for Cosmopolitan

Bea Hayden goes pastel for Cosmopolitan in this recent photo shoot. Asides from reprising her role as Nan Xiang for Tiny Times 4: Soul’s End, she’s also the female lead for Love Evolutionism (released August 15th). She will be working with Amber Kuo again for the film Family in the Wind 风中家族, which takes place admist the withdrawal of Kuomingtang forces to Taiwan.  Continue reading