Weibo Wednesday: October 1, 2014

Cindy decorating Yuan Hong's hair

袁弘: 和新来的发型师森碟女士交流了一下学辫小辫儿技术哪家好的问题,她表示,自己只是带着彩虹蛋糕来探二姨妈@张歆艺 的班儿,不想讨论太严肃的话题,然后……我趁偷吻未遂……[泪]

Yuan Hong, who’s currently filming Princess Jieyou (解忧公主), had a surprise visit from Cindy last week. Cindy was actually there to see his costar Zhang Xinyi but ended up playing with his hair instead. :P

I talked with Ms. Cindy, the new hair stylist, about which stylist has the best braiding techniques. She said that she only came to visit her second aunt @Zhang Xinyi and bring her a rainbow cake, and she didn’t want to discuss too serious topics, and then… I was unsuccessful in my attempt at a stolen kiss.

A lot more cute pictures at Yuan Hong’s Weibo, and for those who want to see more of Cindy with her dad, she and Tian Liang recently did an adorable outdoors photoshoot.

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Tong Liya goes back to Xinjiang, shows off beautiful pics

Tong LIya, who was born in Xinjiang, recently returned there to shoot for a commercial. These pictures aren’t stills from a drama, but they’re definitely gorgeous enough to be – look below the cut to see her archery poses and ability to ride a horse. (P.S.: We would have loved to see a photo shoot of her dancing in Xinjiang).  Continue reading

Li Bingbing (and Sun Li) stun with a gorgeous painted style

It’s fair to say that I love every single picture in this set from Li Bingbing’s new photoshoot for L’Officiel: every single one of them would have been perfect as the feature photo. This isn’t the first time L’Officiel’s gone for this classical scroll sort of look – you might remember the pictures we posted of Sun Li last year. There are more pictures from that set below this cut, for your convenience). So I’m crossing my fingers that L’Officiel will make this an annual thing and suggestion to the editor: can we have Ni Ni in your next classical painting themed shoot? Who looks better in this type of antique painting style? (Also, if you want to see more of this scroll-painting sort of style, you can check out the promotional posters from the movie Gong, with Zhao Liying and Zhou Dongyu)  Continue reading

“The Hero Chi You” revisits prehistorical legends


Why waste the spinal cords  of your enemies when you can use them for axes?

Unwilling to be one of the four upcoming dramas about Justice Bao or who knows how many with Wu Zetian, director Zhang Jizhong decides to go further in history for inspiration with his latest film/drama of prehistorical heroes. First up will be The Hero Chi You 英雄时代:魔尊蚩尤, about the legendary tribal leader who, after defeat by the Yellow Emperor, retreated South to become the ancestors of the Hmong.

The project was originally touted as a TV series titled The Age of Heroes 英雄时代, but now it’s taking a part of the story and calling it a movie.  Let’s hope it’s because the series was so good that they decided it was film-worthy.

The trailer is in English, and features surprisingly decent special effects:

Photoshoot Friday: September 26, 2014

Kris Wu Yifan looks so petulant in his photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar (woulld you prefer that he substitute for Kai Ko in Tiny Times 4, or that Guo Jingming just edits out Gu Yuan?) Other than that, there’s also Qiao Zhenyu of the recently finished Ancient Sword series, and Jiang Jinfu, of the upcoming but-who-knows-when-it’ll-come-out sword series QIn’s Moon also gets a shoot this week. Gao Yuanyuan is fairly stunning, as usual.

Trendshealth also asked several stars to shoot for thier breast cancer awareness shoot. There’s Lin Chi-ling, Zhang Xinyi, and Wu Modi – though, warning, there’s concealed nudity in some of those pictures.  Continue reading

Announcement: Hey, Cfensi sponsors time travel now!

What was happening around 6 years ago, in September? Yang Yun and Yang Wei were getting engaged/married, China’s Modern Sky Festival was in Beijing and not coming to New York (October 4-5, 2014 if you remember), Ugly Wudi had yet to come out, Painted Skin came out on the 25th, on and on and – oh, yeah, and Cfensi started to publish posts on this WordPress website!

So here’s an anniversary present! (We’re actually ~4 days late, but…you and I both don’t want to wait until Christmas or Chinese New Years~) Cfensi now features a “Time Portal” tab – take a look here, and you’ll find a catalogue (by time era, ie: Qin, Han, etc) of the Chinese dramas we’ve posted on since we came back to WordPress in late August/early September, 2012. We’re trying to incorporate some type of video link for each project, so if you find one for a drama or movie we haven’t listed yet, please leave a note to make our jobs easier! Of course, also feel free to leave other suggestions and feedback.

Thoughts on films “But Always” and “My Old Classmate”


My Old Classmate and But Always are both recent films following the nostalgic trend after the success of So Young and American Dreams in China, but did they succeed, or were they mere capitalistic ventures to ride on the commercial success of their predecessors? Warning: There might be spoilers.

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Zhou Dongyu for Marie Claire

For students: Are you super excited to be starting school again? Or are you already wandering out of midterms with a dazed expression on your face?

Zhou Dongyu really looks like she could still be a student – cast her as a sixteen year old, a fourteen year old, even a twelve year old (the right costuming is everything?), and I could buy into it. Find more pictures below the cut!

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